Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Foo Fighters, Daughtry, Birds of Tokyo

band members

Ben Suptut- Vocals, Guitar, Bass.


Foo Fighters, Daughtry, Birds of Tokyo, ACDC, etc.


Ben Suptut is a singer songwriter from southwest Sydney. He has had the pleasure of playing in many bands (save the girl, portrait of guilt, pictures for the blind). He decided to pursue his own solo project. With his debut single" cry" expected to make an impact on the music scene. And also recently was a semi finalist in the 2012 ISC (international song writing competition) for his debut single cry. He has just finished in the studio and has released his latest single "She's The Girl". The single has already had regular air play on radio stations across America which some have said "this is the next big thing to come out of Australia. Watch this space.