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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Oasis

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Ben Wirth


Smashing Pumpkins, Cold Play, REM, Live, Green Day, Beach Boys, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Powder Finger



Confidently balancing highs and lows, Ben Wirth's latest single Let Me Out Now finds the singer-songwriter covering heavy lyrical territory while maintaining uplifting, joyous-sounding melodies. The result is a powerful experience for both writer and listener, as Wirth explores a true depth of emotion we can all relate to.

Based in Sydney, Ben Wirth is both a relative newcomer to music and an extremely fast learner, having only begun his journey as a songwriter at the age of 18. In a short amount of time he has gone from a beginner guitarist to a full-fledged multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. On his first generation of songs – an album recorded in his bedroom and released on his website – Wirth plays everything bar the drums... performing the guitars, bass, piano and vocals of every track.

Produced by Richard Lake at A-Sharp Recording Studios, Let Me Out Now is the first of those bedroom songs to get the full studio treatment. Sounding big and crisp, with each vocal melody awash in emotive rasp, Let Me Out Now is filled with excited energy. It is Ben Wirth's musical vision, delivered with clarity and punch.

Written throughout his university days, the songs on the bedroom album explore themes of love and heartbreak, and the sincerity of Wirth's playing gives the music a fiery edge. In taking these songs and giving them more studio polish, Wirth brings out all of the fine detail of each track, without compromising intensity. The rawness they need is conveyed perfectly through his impassioned performance.

Planning on recording enough songs to release an EP later in the year, he has for now a few up his sleeve. As the first of these songs for release, Let Me Out Now is a most worthy place to start – the perfect introduction to the talent and real emotion of Ben Wirth.