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Indie, Roots

band members

Ben Gumbleton, Anthony Morris, Luke Elsley, Nick Saxon, Nick Cook


Above all else, we just love touring! Who wouldn’t want to head on a never-ending road trip with your mates - sinking beers, playing tunes and gathering stories you wouldn’t tell your future children.’ - ‘Gumby’ - BENJALU ...I guess that’s why these guys have played over 500 shows over the last few years. Somehow in the midst of these there also was a 14 show Canadian tour last year with Kim Churchill spanning from Vancouver to Montreal, including a showcase performance at NXNE. An unexpected cult following is growing down-under for BENJALU thanks to all their touring and a smattering of summer festivals. The guys are always sonically evolving via new influences and perhaps some of those stories... BENJALU’s shows and recordings is the collaboration of fresh sea spray, the sun and the sand with a good dose of psych and melody. Their live show leaves a room of sweaty punters along with a very happy publican. Their recordings on the other hand reveal honest lyrics and a knack for harmonies and savvy guitar licks. Stay tuned and catch the BENJALU boys on their never-ending road trip with their mischief machine aka tour van, Tin Tin...