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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Dan Kelly, Benny and The Clones, The Go Betweens, Radiohead

band members

Ben Radford, Ben Kuring, Dale Priem and Paul Shannon. Regular guests include Justin Bishop, Kim Hurley, Chris Chapple, and Jon Shannon.


Wilco, The Flaming Lips, Benny and The Clones, Radiohead


Born of a mutual love of music, beer, party pies and sausage rolls, The Clones have been playing original music in Tropical North Queensland for the better part of a decade.

The band consists of the core trio of Port Douglas-based friends Ben Radford (Guitar, Lead Vox) Ben Kuring (Drums) and Dale Priem (Guitar), and various special guests depending on the occasion - usually on bass: Paul Shannon from Melbourne (who appears on the album), with Justin Bishop and Kim Hurley from Cairns also taking up bass duties for live shows. Other guests include Melbourne's Jon Shannon & Chris Chapple on keys and guitars.

Accolades include winning the People's Choice award in the 2008 Douglas Songwriting contest, third prize in the 2015 Port Douglas Street Art and Music Festival competition, airplay on Triple J, and seventh place in the inaugural Port Douglas Muso Hot Dog Eating Contest last year.

The Clones have just finished their third self-titled studio record after finalising the album mastering in Nashville, and they’re looking forward to playing more shows with a song catalogue that’s diverse enough for anything from folk festivals to heavy rock shows. From the local street music festivals to shows at local resorts like the Sheraton & QT Port Douglas, they’ve had support slots for acts the likes of Daryl Braithwaite to Custard to Kingswood.



13 Jan 2016


From the gentle piano intro to the great harmonies, I'm really enjoying this track!

From the gentle piano intro to the great harmonies, I'm really enjoying this track!