Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

The Waifs, Hunters and Collectors, Gotya

band members

Craig Lawton, Jay O'Neill, Niall Kennedy, Rob Martin


Midnight Oil, Stone Temple Pilots, Tim Rogers


The Bent Legs are singer-songwriter Craig Lawton, blues drumming-legend Rob Martin (11 fingers, New Zealand) and Roy-Boys members Jay O’Neill and Niall Kennedy (Ireland). Craig Lawton and Jay O’Neill have played guitar and written songs together for several outfits since the early 90s. Rob Martin started off at the age of 18-19yrs in “VORTEX” in Napier, NZ playing rock, new wave – anything from Stranglers, Doors, to Patti Smith to a very long percussive version of Sympathy for the Devil. Was in the first local band to play at The Cabana. He saw Peter Garrett punch the ceiling there one evening playing with the oils. Rob played session and fill-in work after that, supporting The Platters when they toured Napier; ooo my Mum was ever so pleased! He has played in blues and rock outfits in the UK and Australia including Harvey and the Ballwhangers, The Bent Legs and can also be seen flaying the skins for 11 Fingers: