Artist info


Dance, Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Northeast Party House, Muse, Last Dinosaurs, Franz Ferdinand

band members

Luke - Guitar + Vocals John - Drums Casey - Bass David - Guitar


Foals, LCD Soundsystem, Two Door Cinema Club, Northeast Party House, Muse, Mitzi, Franz Ferdinand, Queen


This is a band of people. Together they produce high-energy pop rock sounds with vigorous passion to infect anyone around.

Beginning with two little shrubs in the stew – John and Luke grew through their awkward teen phase playing lunchtime rehearsals to avoid feeling out of place. Their friendship bloomed as fellow conspiracy theory lovers, spending their time playing many Muse covers.

Some years did pass and Luke and John parted paths. Then, from the rocky hills of Mount Colah, it started again. They tried many a bass player, maybe even ten. And after a decade long search, Casey joined the team, along with David on rhythm guitar. With the line up set, Bermuda Bloom dance to connect.

2017 proved to be an exciting year for the band. Bermuda Bloom clocked up thousands of miles on their first interstate tour and by October the boys were the main support for Ocean Alley. Amongst all this the band managed to find the time to independently record their debut single, ‘Calypso’, ready to release this summer.

This band full of people is pleased to share and infect every person with an energy that they won’t soon forget.