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Roots, Pop

Sounds like

red hot chilli peppers, The Cat Empire, Fat freddy's drop

band members

Patty Bom - drums n rhymes JC Basey - bass, vocals MaTHRILLda - sax, vocals Flawless - guitars, trumpet, drums, vocals CC the Cat - vocals, guitars, keys, flute


Ani Di Franco , fat freddys drop, The Herd


Bertha Control [noun]: five-piece, all-womyn explosion of funk, reggae, politics and soaring vocal harmonies. Renowned for lifting entire rooms of the underground into a dancing mass of euphoria, Bertha tickles your ears with a phat bass sound, chunks of funky guitars, an excitable horn section, drums, keys, flute of the forest and, of course, their famous vocal webs of harmony (Destiny's Child... eat your heart out!!) They have grown over the last three years from a community band playing human, animal, women's, environmental, musician rights fundraisers to a highly sought-after policitally charged bunch a women playing all over Oz (and India!). With massive airplay from 4zzz (including top 10 for 9 weeks following the release of Out of Control), PBS, Bay FM, Nim Fm, 2NCR FM, 93.7 Edge FM and multiple other stations across OZ, the Bertha's are stoked by all the attention. Bertha has headlined Pride, Wollumbin, and Ladyfest festivals and have been asked to play the huge Midsumma Festival in Melbourne. They have also been included on a number of Reggae and Ska compilations. This year Bertha Control has toured all the way to Melbourne via Sydney, Woollongong, Uki and Coffs, and have visited the sunny coast and Nimbin. In a month Bertha starts recording her third album. Bertha have a wickedly packed out year and have yet to check their obsession with gigging so get along to a show and get ready to get down... "Check your inhibitions at the door and prepare yourself for the sensory explosion that is the Bertha Experience" Entertainer. For more info, just email at, berthas are very friendly... Plus if you want to get a hold of their amazing CD then go to:, or any good music shop and ask to order in (MGM distribution).