Artist info



Sounds like

Liz Stringer, Joni Mitchell

band members

Bethany King (vocals, guitar, banjo), Frank Pearce (double bass, harmonies), Elisse Kleiner (flute)


Beth and the Brave is the latest project by Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Beth King, who performs beautiful alternative folk tunes accompanied by Frank Pearce and Elisse Kleiner. Led by Beth’s soaring voice, the trio blends rich vocal arrangements with intricate guitar, double bass, and flute.

Beth and the Brave have performed at Seven Sisters Festival, Ceres Harvest Festival, Regrowth Festival, End Of The Line Festival and Renaissance Festival, and at a number of leading Melbourne venues including Federation Square, Toff in Town, Retreat Hotel, Open Studio, John Curtin, Old Bar, Grumpy’s Green, Wesley Anne and Farouk’s Olive.

Their debut EP ‘Grey Waltz Blue’ is due out in 2014.