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Indie, Roots

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Cal Thompson, David Thomas, Javed Sterritt and Daniel Hunt

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In May of this year, Bexley de Lion released their sophomore EP, I Am The Great Wide Open. Born out of a desire to create something different, the band spent a year refining their sound into something that journeys between the dark and the not-so-dark. Recorded in bedrooms, living rooms, sheds, bathrooms, colleges and churches all over Sydney, the new EP is a reflection of change, growth and travel. Moving on from their debut EP, Minus Heart, Bexley de Lion is quickly and quietly pushing through the Australian music scene, playing shows up and down the east coast with bands like Tigertown, The Starry Field, The Former Love and Cordial Factory. Bexley de Lion has found a space where a diversity of influences is able to meet together in warm mess. With an equal blend of alternative country grit and edgy instrumentation, the band walks ground that is lightly tread.