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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Panthers, Falkor, Tigers

band members

Lee - Drums, percussion, Bec - Guitar, Rob - Guitar, singing.


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, I Heart Hiroshima, Electrelane

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greg Brady


It was the chilly southern climate that brought Big Cats together. Fresh off the sugar cane train from Brisbane, Rob Lukins (Guitar and singing) relied on the generated heat of the internet and umpteen watery hot chocolates to get him through his first Victorian winter. Alone with a $16.95 Tandy microphone and a glut of spare time, Rob busied himself producing a half dozen bedroom demos which somehow found their way to the ears of locals Lee Johnston (Drums, percussion) and Bec Chen (Guitar, general shredding). Through a combination of pity and shared enthusiasm, Big Cats was born. As the weather thawed into an uncomfortable summer, Big Cats began a steady run of gigs and have been hand-dancing and staying up too late ever since. Musically, Big Cats fall on the fun side of the indie-pop fence, clagging together a frenetic live energy with a naïve love of a catchy chorus. Staring down the barrel of another lonely Melbourne winter, Big Cats are hoping to make a whole bunch of new friends and drink their weight in piping hot mint Nesquik. Trivia: Lee: Has yet to outshine the glory of playing Danny Zuko in a year six production of Grease. Bec: Has a massive and unhealthy crush on the drummer from Electrelene. Rob: His guitar was once Johnny Depp’s prop in 21 Jump Street, then bought for $9.00 on Ebay. True story, cross our hearts.


Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Kingsmill

01 Jul 2007

Triple J

Builds nicely - like that droning shoe gazery guitar/vocal combo.

Builds nicely - like that droning shoe gazery guitar/vocal combo.