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Sounds like

Neil Young, Radiohead, Jaga Jazzist

band members

Josh, Reuben, Andrew, Nathan, Cameron, Lee


Jazz + Improvised Music, Volume


This Brisbane five piece (formed in 2010) bring a kind of world-weary abandon to their particular brand of Alt Rock/ Art Rock.

6 years in and Big Dead have two EP’s under their belt, alongside a huge number of shows with artists including The Paper Kites, Nonsemble, MKO Sun; Jungle Love Festival two years in a row; and a number of successful tours to Sydney, Melbourne and Geelong.

Their eponymous record Eudaemonia (released in 2014) which was well received across community radios including 3RRR, FBi Radio and 4ZZZ runs an addled path through jazz and rock experimentalism, recalling the sprawling reveries of Spiritualized and the skittering polyrhythmic manoeuvres of Jaga Jazzist.

This is music which smooths as many feathers as it rustles. Big Dead’s music evokes that sombre, heavy-lidded romantic postlude – mementoes, that are more of a sedated slow burn than agitated recollection, with subdued sax trading coyly with soporific drums and anchored in words of enigmatic reflection.

Continuing on from their previous EP, they have spent the past two years composing new tracks for their third EP entitled ‘Shell’ (released on the 28th of July, 2016) with the feature single of the EP ‘Sad Machine’ that explores and reflects on a growing sense of isolation and alienation in society.

The feature single of the album ‘Sad Machine’ (to be released June, 2016) contrasts between an upbeat, energetic pace with melancholic melodies from both the sax and clarinet with vocals with chromatic descents.

Big Dead remain true to their previous works however this new EP is much more dynamic than previous releases. In each song the band have incorporated faster tempo’s with dramatic changes in instrumentation - big swells of eclectic synth and woodwind instruments, finger picked electric guitar and minimally placed strings that are used to push the melodies, not just the mood.

It is no surprise that the third EP, in the sixth year of the band's journey reflects the high standard of each member's understanding of music and songwriting.