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Hip Hop, Rock

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Maundz, Urthboy, Eminem

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Big Dip


Maundz, Urthboy, Eminem


Anthony Di Berardino was introduced to rap as a teenager, at the raw age of 14, and hasnt looked back. Using Hip Hop as his way of expressing his emotions, and talking about life experience, perhaps something that at 14... had a bit too much of. Going by the name of djdibber, he started a duo with his childhood friend rapping over dance music, which only wetted his appetite for progression. After 7 years under this moniker, he changed his name to Big Dip, changing his style from a dance flow, to hard, raw punchlines that define his emotion, feeling and outlook on the world. Now 26, the difference between Big Dip and other 'run of the mill' hip hop artists, is that he doesn't pretend to be anything that he isnt. He doesn't pretend that he uses guns, that he is a gangster, or sells drugs. His songs are full of detail about the life experiences that he has seen himself, not what he has seen in movies. Another major difference, is that Dip produces most of his own music and beats on his pride and joy, his Yamaha PSR Keyboard. He loves synth sounds and bangin beats, and has made over 80 songs. He has released two independent albums, the first in 2005, his debut album Big Dips In The Building, was Dip showing his transition from Dance to Hip Hop, with some Dance orientated tracks, most showcased on his track Impossible. After firing more than 70 tracks over the next 3-4 years, he finally completed his second album No Place to Go. Made in a period in which his parents seperated, and his family ditched him leaving him renting on his own in a strange place. He shows appreciation for the people around him, and lashes out at those that doubted him, Perhaps his most powerful track on the album, the track My Country, shows Dip's undying patriotism for his country, and how proud he feels to be Australian. Since his last album, he has changed his style to be more punchline based and has released two mixtapes In Ya Face, and On My Way


Malachi MC

28 Jan 2014


Killer Track!

Killer Track!