Artist info


Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Rubens, DMA's, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Gang of Youths, Middle Kids, The Strokes, The Delta Riggs, Methyl Ethyl, Kingswood

band members

Harry Carman - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar + Isaac Cristiano - Piano/Synth + Cam Bates - Drums + Geordan Tomes - Lead Guitar + Harry Trotman - Bass


Middle Kids, Gang of Youths, Foo Fighters, DMA's, The Strokes, Skeggs, Hockey Dad, The Delta Riggs



Formed in a dirty garage in upper north Canberra over after work beers and rolled cigarettes. We've been christened "the most unpopular people in Palmerston" (a title we're pretty proud of), by one furious neighbor who called the EPA on us for rocking out too loud. When we're not pushing the residences little brothers broken down Hiace in and out of the garage (now known as the Raj Mahal), we're jamming, writing and planning our world domination. With so many different personality's in the band, we have found we have a bad case of ADHD; as we cant find a genre and stick to it. On one hand, we have a ballad about walking the streets, drunk and alone, looking to have a conversation with anyone who will listen. On the other, a Nirvana inspired glimpse into the mind of a stalker psychopath. Now a bit older, wiser and maturer we have decided to move a few of us in together, and formed the newly refurbished Raj Mahal 2.0. Hopefully the EPA haven't caught on to our movements.