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Hip Hop

Sounds like

DMX, Tupac, The Game

band members

Luke Jacob - Rapper/Vocals


Bone Thugs, Snoop Dogg, Tupac


At just sixteen Big Slang has his dreams and goals set on becoming one of the best musicians in Australia. At school Big Slang would just sit and day dream of becoming Australia's biggest and best rap artist. After he had quickly rushed through all his tests and work without hardly reading the questions, he would take out his pad and a pen and start to write lyrics. Hailing from Sydney South West, NSW, comes a breath of fresh air in Big Slang. This Assyrian-Australian artist calls his talent a blessing and a gift from the Lord, as he had started writing lyrics out of nowhere. He had started at school, from the prime age of thirteen, participating in lunch time diss battles in 2005. Later he had found his talent of writing actual and heart touching lyrics. He had realized his dream. With his uncle and another relative being sentenced to jail, Slang's family was going through stressful times. He started pushing with his music and started recording and making home mixtapes. His name was slowly getting around his area. Early 2007 saw Big Slang being expelled from school, but he saw it as an opening for rapping. He quickly got home and done what he had always done, write more lyrics. His life struggles, going through depression, family problems, issues with friends, issues with police, Slang's lyrics were getitng more deep and emotional, "Everybody knows Im emotional, and everybody knows there's two sides to me, the real soft side and the real hard side." After going through major issues in mid 2007, Slangs big break came, finally a studio to record in. With help from Anton Aktila and John Romeo, Slang has started work on his debut album, which so far has the great tracks Back In It and Came Too Far. With everybody vibin off these tracks, Slang knows this album is whats gonna be the hottest thing once completed. With his eyes set and dreams of becoming number one, Slang is plotting and planning his schemes to get there. Who knows what will happen for this young, fierce, lyrical and most of all talented youngster.