Artist info


Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Go-Betweens, The Triffids

band members

Cody Munro Moore, Jack Wotton, Nick Griffith, Elmo Aoyama Bowen Shakallis



Unearthed artists we like

High-tails, Dead Brian



Big White are a jangly guitar pop five piece. The band spent the beginning of 2014 travelling together through Europe, where they recorded their first single "EOFY"in a Berlin bomb shelter. More recently, the band have split their time between recording the remainder of their Debut album, and playing a string of highly successful shows, rapidly attracting them a crowd of loyal fans.

Big White's collection of songs display the varied influences of all five members and particularly main songwriters Jack Cody & Nick, resulting in their distinctive brand of infectious jangle-twang Australiana.