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Hip Hop

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Rich Brian; Suicide Boys; Night Lovell; 6lack; Joji


Eminem, Bone Thugs N' Hamorny; UGK; Tech N9ne; Snoop Dogg; Kanye West



Hailing from the cityscapes of Sydney in Australia, Rap/EDM/Hip-Hop recording artist & music producer, Bigg, began hitting the ground running in the music realm since 2006, and has been building an insatiably impressive music career since that time. As a Vietnamese producer, Bigg was born in Ha Noi; a place where Rap & Hip Hop is scarcely known. But at the age of 10 when his father played an Eminem CD in the car, the young aspiring artist was hooked and eventually began researching more into the perspective genre. At age 12, determined to find his musical niche, Bigg began teaching himself the art of music production in an effort to make beats and become a creator of the music he had come to know and love.

ALL OUT is the debut album from Bigg which was exclusively premiered on AllAussie Hip Hop, the self-produced album features 27 tracks with guest features from LA based rapper Gavlyn as well as many local artists. ALL OUT is a perfect reflection of Bigg’s suave persona. The project features smooth, seductive beats, complimented by Bigg’s elaborate rhyming style. The widely successful first single off this album, “Ha Noi God”, was released in May 2017. The music video now has more than 18k views on YouTube and over 60k streams on Spotify. The following single “Lowkey Stunning” reached new heights, gaining over 150k views on YouTube. Bigg also received spins on RTRFM for his single “Kanye East” and on FBi 94.5FM for the single “Late Night, Redwine & Cigarette” and previously for “Lobster on a Goldplate” in 2017.

Bigg has no trouble drawing in a crowd, recently packing out popular Oxford St bar, Ching-A-Ling’s, with his first originals show — impressing audiences with his high energy performance and impeccable flow. Following the release of his first EP “Bigg Demo” in 2016, Bigg accumulated over 100k streams on Spotify and Soundcloud, making waves in the Hip-Hop community.