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Indie, Roots

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Billie Rogers


Paul kelly, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan


Named after Billie Holiday...its no wonder this perth born songstress was blessed with such a soul stiriing voice. Billie Rogers has lived, breathed and been enveloped by an eclectic mix of soul,reggae,blues, rock and country music since she leapt from the womb. While other children spent their weekends painting warhammer and learning to crochet their teddy a vest , Billie opted to hang out at the pub, drinking shirley temples and watching her dads zydeco band play -soaking up an insight into the weary life of an artist. Weened off the bosom and onto the acoustic guitar, she has since also refined the art of harmonica, and blues bashing, bruise inducing tambourine. Heavy influences in Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nina Simone and Paul Kelly, easily detected in her profoundly articulate, original song writing. Rogers has adopted a style often pinned as soulful country..."fun, captivating, thought provoking, evolving and understated." Billie's stage presence has evolved from that of a wallflower into a space eater, not only demanding her audiences attention but creating an energy that leaves you feeling you want to get involved in her music. Unearthed in 2010 at local hot spot Clancys Fish Pub- Fremantle, she has since been a huge crowd favorite and played several well attended gigs at the respected music venue. Along with a fleet of others...including the Fremantle Arts Centre's 'Courtyard Sessions', Hidden Treasures winter series, Norfolk Lane youth festival, the Rosemount Hotel's annual "a not so silent night, Feast your Eyes festival and Kelp at Kidogo during the ISAF world sailing championships. Not to mention playing support for Simone and Girfunkel, touring sydney artist Catherine Traicos and recently recording with Tom Fisher and the Layabouts. Catch her with her backing band - an ensemble known as "the Country Gentlemen" feat. Murray Campbell on beats, Lucky Oceans on pedal steel, Kent "beast" Hughes on electric guitar, Tom Fisher on power bass and Bill Rogers on keyboards and saxophone, or stripped back solo. But either way make sure you catch this charming creature... Having recently returned from a whirlwind American road trip she's as creatively inflated as Jack Kerouac. coming to a music venue near you .... Written by R.M.Rogers.