Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Postal Service, Temper Trap, Ellie Goulding

band members

Michelle Bourke (vocs, piano, photography) and Simon Paul (vocs, guitar, bass, audio engineering)


alanis morissette, Death cab for cutie, Coldplay


Simon Paul (Album: Broken Hearts and Lovers, 2009) and Michelle Bourke (Single: Til There Was You - Sony OneLove, 2011), are working on Binary Heart together as a new collaboration. It's definitely a love project!! As one of Simon's good friends says, "How do you make a small fortune in the music industry?...Start with a large one! lol Well sadly they don't have a large fortune but they do love music so they don't care so much about the rest! Their first track "Let it Go" is from their upcoming EP "The No Name Convention" - which will have a mix of indie pop and folk style songs with a mix of acoustic and electronic elements. "Let it Go" is written to be a cute pop song you can put on repeat while you're going for a run, at work with the headphones on or in your car driving somewhere. If you find yourself humming it even when you wish you weren't...we've done our job ;-)