Artist info



Sounds like

the Darkness, turbonegro, Danko Jones

band members

Bingo Steve - Vocals, Buster Mouve - Guitar, Byrney Lovechild - Drums, Action Jackson - Bass


Anything Rock, darkness, Danko Jones


Blazing across the sky like a burning phoenix, born from the ashes of 80’s rock and roll comes Bingo Steve and the Magic Markers Bringing catchy rock tunes to the masses and a stage show that dazzles audiences is the name of the bingo game. Formed in 2002 and hailing from Wollongong, Australia the band is fronted by the charismatic Bingo Steve and features Buster Mouve on guitar, Action Jackson on bass and Byrney Lovechild on drums which complete the Magic Markers. Having already released two EP’s the band has just finished their debut studio album entitled Party, Love, Sixty Nine and over the past few years played a string of very successful shows around the Sydney, Illawarra and Melbourne areas developing a large fan base. With influences such as the Darkness, Danko Jones, AcDc and Iron Maiden they are ready and willing to provide you with a memorable night of great rock tunes topped off with an unforgettable stage show.