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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Frank Zappa, The Mars Volta, King Crimson

band members

Alex O'Toole - producer and drums; Nick Soole - producer, guitar and vocals; Tim Adderley - drums; Matt Williams and Josh Ahearn - bass; Lachlan Kerr and Mike Kennett - keys; Brendan Gloag and Max Schollar-Root - guitars; Joel Woolf - sa


Miles Davis, Mr Bungle, Frank Zappa


In 2010, The Bird’s Robe, a Sydney-based music collective / record label, conceived the first in a series of collaborative projects combining the talents of various musicians working in Australia’s experimental / progressive rock music scene. The first in this series was an EP entitled Musodynamics, Produced by Alex O’ Toole (Captain Kickarse & The Awesomes) and featuring members of local acts Squat Club, Pirate, Squid, Slimey Things, Fuji Collective and The Bznzz. The EP features an avante-jazz/noise rock sound, evocative of the characteristics of the players involved. It is funky, stilted, yet crushing and full of lacerating rhythmic and melodic flourishes. The second edition of the BRCB is titled 'Still Scores' and is based upon a series of illustrations by artist Jarrod Elvin. Produced by Nick Soole of Slimey Things, it features members of Godswounds, Adrift for Days, Day of the Meerkat, Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes, Captains, Pirate and Face Command. With an eclectic feel ranging from pop to prog and back, it's an album of such stupendouse quality that promises to eclipse the product of even some of its parent bands. What is The Bird's Robe Collaboration Band? There are so many bands creating great alternative and experimental music right now in Sydney, coming together for Bird's Robe Collective shows and rocking it in their own right. Bands filled with talented players. What would it sound like if certain of these players came together to form a one off group and made a record? The implied answer is "fucking mad!" But how to find out? The Bird's Robe Collaboration Band is about seizing the opportunity to find out. - Alex O'Toole, October 2010 The Musodynamics EP and Still Scores album can be streamed or downloaded from