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Indie, Punk, Rock

band members

Benedict Limbrey, Danson Benson, Daniel Brokenborough


Pup, Weezer, Title Fight, Citizen, Front End Loader, Shellac, McClusky, Basement, Turnover, At The Drive-In



Birdsville are a three-piece rock band that blur the lines of punk, post-punk, emo, indie and grunge. The band have worked hard to create a sound and style of their own; one that is unique yet familiar and not dictated to by fashion and trend. Benedict Limbrey runs the melodic lead vocals for the band from behind the drums, with Danson Benson (guitar) and Daniel Brokenborough (bass) punctuating the songs with a harsher vocal style. Hailing from Wollongong NSW, the band started as a simple jamming experiment in 2016 but have become more ambitious as their songwriting and live performances continue to strengthen. Birdsville are excited to be releasing new music recorded, mixed and produced by Jonathon Tooke (Cry Club, Jack R Reilly, Basil's Kite). The debut single from Birdsville - "No Reaction" - was released in November 2018. "Sleep", the bands second single, is due for release in mid January. Birdsville's first full length album - How To Lose Your Mind - is set to be released in early 2019.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

13 May 2019

Triple J

Emphatic post-punk energy right here.

Emphatic post-punk energy right here.