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Dave Reynolds VOCALS:: Tyrell Reavey GUITARS:: Nathaniel McManus GUITARS:: Ben Harris BASS:: Ben Lobb DRUMS::


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TBC - Embracing the Skater punk of the 90s

The Black Catapult started in the mid 90s when Dave, Tyrell and Macca met in high school and realised writing music was more fun than homework. The skater life in the 90s was their scene, so skater punk inevitably became their sound.
Staying true to their genre & bringing real banter to their shows has earned TBC the pleasure of sharing the stage with well known international & Australian bands in some of the biggest venues around the country. Bands like Reel Big Fish, The Butterfly Effect & Butterfingers were highlights for TBC.

Playing the BIG PINEAPPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL in 2015 will see The Black Catapult share a bill with some of Australia’s biggest acts - The likes of JOHN BUTLER TRIO, JEBEDIAH, VIOLENT SOHO, THE JEZABELS, THUNDAMENTALS, DRAWCARD and heaps more!

TBC plan to build on this success, with their debut album due for release May 20 2015!

JAM (Just Aussie Music) had this to say of their TRIPLE J success-
“Brisbane punk band The Black Catapult have a lot to celebrate this week on Triple J gaining attention on all three of their songs placing Numbers one, two and three consecutively on the Overall charts and the Punk charts. The head bobber, foot tapper tracks are available for FREE so get them now before The Black Catapult explode this year!”

After this achievement AUSSIE PLAYLIST labelled TBC as:
“Emerging Aussie Punk who have made a fan out of me, and I think this is largely due to their ability to ensure the rampaging drums don’t drown out the vocals of lead singer David Reynolds. In fact Reynolds vocals also deserve a special mention as they are actually enjoyable to listen to, compared to a lot of rock bands where the music is awesome, but the vocals let them down – a problem The Black Catapult don’t have. Their most popular song, ‘Where it Ends’ has a sweet time change in the first 10 seconds, before delivering a fast paced, tight sound that (with no disrespect) shows shades of old school ‘Good Charlotte’ – before they married celebrities.”


Review by simone94 simone94

26 Mar 2015


this is the business!!!

this is the business!!!