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Sounds like

Sleazy, Dirty, Sexy

band members

Brent, Dave, Nat, Pat

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Spanish Marches


Defined by classic country blues but possessed by sinful rock is the band known as Black Creek. You may get the urge to dance tabletops and shimmy like you’ve never shimmied before to their good old scumbag rock n roll. Formed in Canberra, when four friends came together to get loose to the riffs and revelations that became the sweet sounds of Black Creek. Their infectious attitude and music has taken them all over the country, where critics and groupies alike have referred to the band as ‘pretty much the best shittest band in the world.’ They won’t be alone in their rants and raves, evident in their energetic performances at institutional band rooms. Between the touring, the boys found time to immerse themselves in the jungles of the Melbourne Delta to create their latest and greatest, Ragged Shark. The album epitomises the band’s tendency to unashamedly seduce the listener with their melodies, transporting those that dare to deep, dark places. It’s finally time to ride that metaphorical mechanical bull and lose yourself in Ragged Shark, out now.