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Indie, Roots

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Rosie Harris Sam Harris Huw Thomas


Wardruna, Heilung, The Barr Brothers, Che Aimee Dorval, Neil Young


Borne of dark and chimeric folk blues, Black Cypress pay a melodic homage to the savage and beautiful. Inspired by remote wilderness areas, this three-piece band mesh dynamic acoustic blues, with instinctive vocal harmonies and incisive violin reveries. Black Cypress challenge us with bootlegged and bowlegged folk tales of the struggle to satisfy a twisted and unapologetic longing for wildness and love.

The two siblings, Rosie and Sam Harris have been playing music together for well over a decade. Their fiddle player Huw was found in a fruit shop. His incredible ear ties their sound together and creates moving soundscapes within each song. The Black Cypress members came together through their love of diverse musical expression, harmonies and a passion for writing music that doesn't necessarily follow any style, which however, makes it a little difficult to box them into a genre.