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Indie, Pop

band members

Sarah Klein - Vocal and Synth Barry Jones - vocal and Guitar


Black Hearted Bird is a couple/duo with a desire to create music embodying their heart, mind and soul. Barry Jones brings over a decade of experience as a solo folk artist passionate about social justice and the environment. Sarah Klein, from a young age embraced music, writing songs and jamming with an eclectic mix of genres including pop, rock, swing and jazz. They are forming a sound that is profoundly ‘Black Hearted Bird’. Barry emphasises the importance of feel “We create songs out of a sense of loss and frustration, within ourselves and those around us, the symbol of the bird reaches out for healing and connectedness”. Sarah’s song writing has a raw beauty, “I connect to a particular melody or beat that I feel emotionally, incorporating glimmers of hope and strength amongst a back drop of darkness”.