Artist info


Hip Hop, Rock

Sounds like

Vega, Johnny Utah, Drakezilla

band members

Drakezilla - Production, Vox. Vega - Production, Vox.


Drakezilla and Vega join forces to create Black Magic, the ugly step child of classic hip hop and psychedelic rock.

Since 2011 they have been stirring the pot (or cauldron if you will) and it didn’t take long for Black Magic to build quite the resume playing shows across the country and supporting some of our homegrown hero’s including Drapht and Funkoars along with international acts like Xzibit to name a few.

Releasing “White Rabbit” digitally just in time for the end of the world 2012, the group were just as shocked as you when the world continued to spin and subsequently released limited hard copies in the new year.

Black Magic have always embraced a D.I.Y way of thinking with all production, recording and mixing being done in house. The group is currently working on their full length debut titled “Grimoire” and is due for release in 2017.