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Daniel Ford

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Black Vacation, the musical output of Daniel Ford, began subsequent to Ford’s relocation back to Australia from Germantown, a suburb outside of Memphis, Tennessee. It commenced through a humble, four song demo release including constellations of sparkling, lo-fi guitar laced with tape delay, weaving above drums recorded on a hard-cover novel. The concepts of distance, remotion, and isolation were heavily imprinted on the project’s artistic output, as this original release was recorded in the midst of a long distance relationship, as well as the gradual fading of connections between old friends in the United States. Consequently, each of Ford’s later relocations have spurred the longevity of the project by creating inspiration for new releases, including the Scarred Glass EP Ford released ensuing his return from residing in Berlin, Germany.

Throughout the project’s life it has taken a plethora of different live formations, but while the project endured in Brisbane, Australia, the constant fixtures were Matthew Ford, Michaela-Sophie Chin (previously of Marl Carx) and Helena Papageorgiou (previously of Feathers). During the Brisbane chapter, Black Vacation sustained an extensive series of shows in Brisbane and interstate, two highlights being the support of international acts Deerhunter and Wild Nothing.

With the recent relocation to Melbourne, Ford has compiled an album of reworked songs with the help of his brother, Matthew Ford, on drums. The collection of songs are a reflection on his time in Brisbane and Berlin, paying tribute to influences such as the Go Betweens, The Clean and the Bats, while attempting to recreate the sketchings of previous songs in a consolidated form. The album was mixed and mastered by Chris Koltay, Deerhunter’s sound engineer and producer for Lotus Plaza’s Spooky Action at a Distance.