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Black Whiskey

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Alan Goodluck - Vocals, Dan Coates - Guitars, Matthew Tuxworth - Guitars, Mark Gronfors - Drums, Will Clayfield - Bass


Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC

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Snake Bite Whisky



Black Whiskey began life as the pet project of Alan Goodluck and boasts a striking visual stage presence combining the antics of Guns n' Roses/Motley Crue with a modern rock look and awesome vocal melodies sounds from the likes of W.A.S.P. / Ratt & AC/DC.
As the inspiration and main song writer Alan Goodluck has penned a number of timeless songs such as Shake It, Hot Love, Too Hot to Handle & ‘She’s On Fire’ which have been played on various radio stations, online & Mainstream stations.

Black Whiskey continue to find themselves rising up the online Rock charts both in Australia and internationally following successful radio play and a solid increase in online streaming. Their dedicated line-up, fronted by the hard rocking voice of Alan Goodluck, have local venues buzzing with anticipation for upcoming shows.

Armed with an awesome catalogue of new music, Black Whiskey are preparing to support the release of upcoming singles late 2018.
As experienced writers, performers and recording artists, the members of Black Whiskey deliver you an energetic collection of tracks that instill your faith that the Aussie Rock Scene lives on.