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Sounds like

Thrice, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Muse, Karnivool, Queens of the Stone Age, NIN

band members

Luke Hawthorn - Guitars, Bass, Vocals


Thrice, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Muse, Karnivool,NIN



Brisbane’s The Blacknoise Army have managed to capture the raw grit that made the 90’s Seattle grunge scene so irresistible, whilst melding a more arcane lyrical flavour to their particular brand of heavy rock. You can expect lyrics that delve into the recesses of the human spiritus, explore the occult, and ultimately, challenge the bounds of what we know and trust.

Taking influence from a variety of hard rock, progressive, and alternative acts, The Blacknoise Army have crafted together songs that have real depth - far beyond the surface level of dirty riffs, ear-catching drums, and powerful, evocative vocals. Far from your standard heavy rock band, this will entice your ears without treading the same overly-beaten trail that many other heavy alternative acts have worn into the ground.