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Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso

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Luke Patterson


Melanie Safka, Blind Boy Grunt



Luke Patterson was a 13 year old Scots-blooded cane cutter in northern NSW when a machinery accident caused him to go blind and, later, to think he was an oppressed black blues singer. When the locals took to calling him 'Blind Luke' (in jest) he took it as a sign of faith, as all his favorite blues singers were blind, and decided to write his own songs. The very first lines in his very first song were - 'I'm gonna eat that bland mango baby all by myself', and so Bland Mango Patterson was born ... In and out of prison, off and on the streets, bumbling down that road. Bland Mango wrote the songs of the down trodden, sang the blues of the incarcerated, drank in the spirit of an unpayed for bottle of wine and slept with many another man's wife, and still does, - in fact i found him with MY wife just last week. But he swore blind he didn't recognize her. Bland Mango has a bland disposition in day to day life but his songs are coloured with the passion of one who has been around ... listen or don't, I know he couldn't care less. - Jason Darling, long time friend and pupil.