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Hip Hop, Electronic

band members

Jamus - MC, Barker - MC


funkoars, presets, AC/DC



Bligh St unofficially began circa 2006 when Alex Barker moved to wollongong and met up with James Herrington (Jamus) and bonded over similar tastes in music ie. Aussie Rock etc. Both were keen music enthusiasts and did not like hiphop at one stage. Barker started messing with beats and raps at his dad's house in year 12 and through the strong friendship managed to unleash a desire to create hiphop music that layed dormant in Jamus' psyche for all those years...anyways now the two set-up shop in Barkers' house on Bligh St whenever the chance presents itself to record raps of a spontaneous nature in order to: a) deal with frustrating and confronting issues b) make themselves laugh by taking the absolute piss out of each other and d) bond with mates (Haydn, Miles, Slater to name a few) It is very much a social fun thing that the duo just enjoy doing. "It's all about capturing the vibe, so if one of us stuffs up in a verse or whatever we'll leave it in there if it sounds good, like to capture the vibe of the time that we recorded it." - Barker If you like what hear, let us know. Cheers, Jamus & Barker. The guy in the middle of the photo is some random dude we met at the servo up the road from North Gong when we stole a bunch of chips -- if it's you, your a madd c**t. Jamus on the left Barker on the right. Peace