Artist info


Pop, Indie

Sounds like

who's gerald, moldy peaches, beat happening

band members

Kate-vocals, Martijn-organ and guitar, Max-drums, guitar and keys


jonathan richman, velvet underground, television personalities

Unearthed artists we like

Max Magic and The Clap


Bloody Roo are one of those bands that if they don't already, or very soon have a cult following, then they very well may have in 20 years or so. Their music is raw and energetic but still follows the 2 minute pop song formula. Blazing guitar and organ solo's, cute/untrained vocals and stripped back percussion are the main features of the bands sound. It's the sometimes crass, yet also innocent lyrics that set the band aside form the rest, songs like 'Clitasaurus Rex' and 'Teddy Bear' which are vulgar but still very cute and sweet.