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Indie, Rock, Roots

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Nick Drake Sigur Ros Jeff Buckley

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Patrick Grierson


Leonard Cohen Jeff Buckley Zack de la Rocha Nina Simone Radiohead

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Blooming (Patrick David Grierson), is the solo project and culmination of a 10 year artistic exploration through songwriting. Moving through the realms of visual art, performance, vocal work and spoken word poetry, he has now ventured into the world of storytelling through song.

After the release of Debut EP "The Waiting Game" (October 2018) followed by touring and festival appearances over the summer, Blooming is set to release his second EP "The City Breathes". These songs offer a new perspective on relating to the city we live within and how we can consider and create the city we long for it to be.

Blooming captures an independent artist sharing songs and music from the heart and creates spaces where audiences can step into their own.