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Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Skulker, the donnas, Veruca Salt

band members

Kim: vocals/guitar, Yonna: bass/vocals, Sacha: guitar/vocals, Kristy: drums/vocals


Unearthed artists we like

Violent Minx , Girl With Cake


Adelaide's premier original all-chick band Blow Up Betty have a come a long way since their inception in 2003. With various line up and musical style changes, Blow Up Betty have emerged from the brink of self-destruction to become one of Adelaide's highest regarded acts. Blow Up Betty deliver a total rock purists dream - full of attitude, sweet melodies, top-notch musicianship and kick ass rock. What else could one want? After winning 5 SAMI awards (including Most Outstanding Drummer and Most Outstanding Female Vocalist), claiming the number 2 position on Three D Radio's annual Top 100+1, touring Melbourne and the South East, playing shows with Grinspoon and Mach Pelican, reaching the state finals of the NCBC for the third year running, playing the Adelaide Fringe and a slot on the Taste of Chaos tour in Adelaide in 2006, one can only wonder what 2007 will bring! The girls have kicked off the year with a bang scoring a spot on the bill for the MTV Kickstart State Finals, and launching their highly anticipated second EP 'Asking For Trouble' (with the single 'Just Not In My Arms' currently airing on Triple J) to a near-capacity crowd at the Governor Hindmarsh in April. May sees the girls launch their new EP on iTunes, while locked away in distribution discussion with various labels and (on the side) planning a 20-date tour in December. One thing is for sure- Blow Up Betty is the all-girl rock force you always heard about and will now dare to experience!



03 Sep 2008


This song in it&...

This song in it's 'simplicity' is perfect. A true punk/rock song should be obvious. If you try and make it complex the song gets boring or worse - confusing. Well done girls I love it! Tay x

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f o r k h ...

30 Jun 2008


This 3 minute so...

This 3 minute song uses 5 different notes. Verses use 2 notes repeated, and the chorus uses 4. Yet the first note of the chorus is the same note as the first note of a verse that's why it's only 4. I enjoyed the way they used 4 different notes for a whole song.

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29 Sep 2007


Generally, this ...

Generally, this is good. But, the guitar riffs aren't very original and the lyrics are quite corny. Having said this, the bassline is really good and with some changes thiis could be an amazing band.

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