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Tyne-James Organ: Vocals/Guitar Andrew Banovich: Drums/Percussion Romie Olivares-Pannuci: Guitar Tom Switlek: Bass/Vocals Gabriel Hole: Keys/Vocals Andrew Somerville: Sax/Synth



Freshly out of the studio, Blueberry Circuit have just recorded their debut self titled E.P. Still in the midst of organising a release of E.P Production has gone underway for the forthcoming single ‘Want You Now’
Blueberry Circuit has just finished up an East Coast Tour with bruzzies Ocean Alley and are now planning their own Headline tour.

Blueberry Circuit from the city of Wollongong emerged with a developed sound of Reggae and Pop to produce a sensational and trancing vibe.
The 6-piece line up with their huge grooves & irresistible riffs will have you moving like hipsters on acid.
Blueberry Circuit has shared the stage with acts like Sticky Fingers, King Tide, Sheppard, Jebediah Ocean Alley, The VANNS & many more, as well as landing a spot on the Homebake 2012 line up