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STU: Lead Vocals ANDY: Guitar STUMPY: Bass ROBBIE: Drums


Blunt Force Trauma are a heavy hitting, groove laden Metal Band from the most isolated city on the face of the planet - Perth, Australia. They have been pounding their way through the Music scene since 2009 often being quoted as “Thor’s love children." It isn't enough to hear Blunt Force Trauma to become a believer - one must see them as well. Their new E.P. ‘Beyond’ is on the verge of release with great anticipation from fans and industry : “If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, you probably will soon: they’re focused, driven, and working really hard at pushing their punishing brand of music to new heights.” Leticia – Metal As Fuck “YES! a metal band that sounds original!” Judges at Next Big Thing Since the band's inception in 2009 they have played with many renowned live acts such as; Macabre (USA), Forbidden (USA), The Amenta (Melb), Truth Corroded (SA), 4arm (Melb), Desecrator (Vic), Malignant Monster (WA), Grotesque (WA) & Claim The Throne (WA), to name a few. With an Indian tour confirmed for April, an Asia tour confirmed with Nuclear Blast signed ORIGIN (USA) in July and a North American club tour planned for September; be sure to keep a constant look over your shoulder for more Trauma. Booking Info Email: