Artist info


Hip Hop, Rock

Sounds like

Muma Doesa, Vytal One, Quashani Bahd

band members

Idia73 - Producer/Drums, The Vytal One - MC, Muma Doesa - MC/Vocals, Quashani Bahd- Vocals, Cookie - Guitar, Max - Bass Lewie - Keys.


The Roots, Bob Marley, Rage Against The Machine

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Blunt Paper Massive were formed in early 2011 when drummer / producer Idia 73 discovered rising mc / soul singer, Muma Doesa and began collaborating on a unique fusion of modern funk, soul and hip hop. Muma Doesa contributing raps and harmonies, over Idia73's wide range of ecclectic beats that encompass various styles. Soon after Vytal One joined the group, bringing his aggressive, politically charged style of rapping to form a genuinely authentic crew. B.P.M's message and style is reality based, with engaging and honest lyrical content, harmonies and talent to burn. They are described by followers as having beats that leave you no choice but to dance, and lyrics that people can relate to. Also performing with the crew is the amazing Quashani Bahd, who brings her hypnotic singing reggae flavour to the crew. Cookie on guitar, Max on Bass, Lewie on keys and also involving guest Mc's and Dj's including Dj Rellik (Turnstyle Records) All band members are well established in their fields, and their mix of cultural backgrounds, eclectic influences and killer live shows have cemented Blunt Paper Massive’s reputation as a truly original flavour on the Australian musical landscape. Having already played relentlessly around Burn City at events including Hoodrapz, Moomba, Brunswick Music Festival - Sydney Road street Party and bars and nightclubs including Laundry Bar, The Espy, Ferntree Gully Hotel, Bar 303, Tonik, Spensers Live, The Workshop Bar, The Noise Bar (plus heaps more), the band are looking to fulfill the prophecy to bring Live Soulful and Political Hip Hop to the rest of Australia and the world. Currently working on a full length project now, so don't sleep and don't forget the name.... BLUNT PAPER MASSIVE ! SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY EP AVAILABLE ON ITUNES PEACE!