Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop

Sounds like

Strange Music, Bliss n Eso, Seth Sentry, Hilltop Hoods

band members

Remi-Dean "Bluntz" Ryan AKA Remi-D Petey "Kush" Landow AKA Proto Sam "Endo" Bowker AKA $HARPIE$NIFFER


Bliss n Eso, Tech N9ne, Strange Music Inc, Postmentalist, Funk Volume, Lil Wayne, Blink 182, Wrekonize, Wiz Khalifa

Unearthed artists we like

Postmentalist, NJE


BKE started early 2015 made up of 3 friends Remi,Petey and Sam. Remi dropped the idea to Petey at the end of 2014 and it just kicked off from there, Remi asked his friend Sam who is the lead singer and rhythmic guitarist for Wollongong band POSTMENTALIST if he would mind helping make a beat for BKE so he did and Petey asked would he be our Producer and Sam asked could he just join BKE as a member and that's when BKE went from a joke to a life style. Remi has a back ground in music from being a bassist and vocal screamer for his Hardcore band Stubby No! back in 2008-2011 he is also a song writer and a Producer in training. Petey is a remarkably great rapper/singer/songwriter who has been working his way up the latter since 2009 he is a fully devoted artist spending nearly all his free time trying to improve his skills and techniques. Sam has a massive history of working in and around the music scene being in Lost in Verona for 5 years playing over 300 gigs Australia wide. Before doing there break up gig in Wollongong, Sam announced his new Punk band Postmentalist that hit the ground running late 2014 with songs being picked up on Triple J's unearthed and rocketing through the local charts. With the 3 members of BKE coming from all different styles of music and backgrounds you will be sure to hear some really amazing new music over the next few years, Collaborating with local an national artist/bands from all different genres connecting people and encouraging more people to mix there music styles with others, BKE members have a huge passion and love for making music an will enjoy every moment of making songs for our fans.