Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Detroit Cobras, The Muffs, The Sonics

band members

Carrie-vocals,Brigitte-rythym guitar,vocals,Brett-Lead guitar, Kendall-bass, Alex- drums


The Pandoras, The Sonics, The Makers


The Booby Traps are influenced by the raw fuzz sounds of garage bands from the 60s & melodies & arrangments from the girl groups of the same era. Also throw in a bit of grit & swagger from all the great RnB artists from the 50s/60s. The Booby Traps are united in their passion for all things primitive and swingin! The Booby Traps have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with The Hoodoo Gurus, The Stems, The Johnnys, The Detroit Cobras, Billy Childish & The Buff Medways, The Persian Rugs, 5,6,7,8s, The Strange Tenants, The Tremors, Intercontinental Playboys,Pink Fits, Mink Jaguar, Dolly Rocker Movement, DTS, Hell City Glamours, The Specimens, The Sailors, The Double Agents, The Groovie Ghoulies, Mach Pelican, Asteroid B6-12, Six Ft Hick, The Spazzys and many more The release of their CD "Be My Caveman" saw the Booby Traps fan base explode! A second pressing was rapidly produced after selling out their original 500 copies within a few months! The 4-track studio recording, with 5 live bonus tracks, encapsulated their raw, garage punk rock sound, a mere entrée to what was yet to come! Their full-length album has just been released in 2006. 13 new recordings, keeping true to their 60s punk roots and having switched up a gear, thrown out the manual and burnt up the track to produce a main course of fuzz-laden dance-floor stompers. Punters need not order dessert. Since The Booby Traps started in 2003 the reviews of their shows have always been favourable, highlighting the unique sounds that they have showcased to the Sydney public. Here are a few excerpts from some of these reviews Sneering Shangri-las inspired girl-group, meets the fuzz monsters from the garage. Primevil & raw, with a lead singer thats equal parts Gerry Roslie (of Sonics fame) & wild cat hillbilly. Go see em, theyre great to watch. Youll dance & shake, youll be revived. (TIMEWARP NOV/DEC 03 NEWSLETTER) The Booby Traps would have to be the hardest working garage band currently playing the Sydney circuit. Theyre great at what they do and that whole accelerator-down, chicks-with-flick knives feel that their music has, is pretty special. A Booby Traps show is always an enjoyable one. Plenty of sixties garage comin at you. Screaming, nasty vocals, warm fuzzy guitar that takes me to a time when Boss Hoss and Skinny Minny let the good times roll. Sweet melodies and drumbeats that come from the heart of all things garage. The Booby Traps were rockin and rollin and the only thing the crowd were left with were extremely sore feet. Mod escapees from a Russ Meyer flick!