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Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Milky Chance

band members

Frontman- Boris Dostoyevsky Guitars- Killian Harty Production- NLN


Tube and Berger

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While the world has been in lockdown, Russia’s least conspicuous KGB Agent, Boris Dostoyevsky, imprisoned a team of musicians and producers in his Gulag in one of the planets only pandemic free places. Their mission, which they were forced to accept, was to create a banger that would be the mother of all October Surprises.

With influences of Milky Chance, Purple Disco Machine and Tube and Berger. Boris Dostoyevski and The Russian Hackers will have the dance floor hopping with their classic combination of guitars and synthesisers fused with modern beats. Join us for a celebration of all things Espionage and the beginnings of a global revolution