Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, QOTSA

band members

Jeremy Strangelove - guitar/vox Steino Vespa - bass Jack Spider - skins Lucas Hopgood - lead guitar


radiohead, Bob Dylan, Mars Volta

Unearthed artists we like

Inland Sea, Princess Rodeo


Brisbane four piece, Boss Level Monster play a unique brand of psychedelic jive rock, bringing together a multitude of influences to create larger-than-life rock songs with catchy melodies and pounding grooves. BLM have earned a reputation in Brisbane for putting on intense, high-energy live gigs that leave audiences exhilarated and impressed. Legend has it that the organic quartet grew like psychedelic fungi in the wintry climes of Toowoomba - think Alexander Flemings' penicillin on LSD. After outgrowing the Toowoomba culture, they evolved and the four outlaw gringos eventually rode down the mountain on bravely captured steeds to the burgeoning establecimiento of Los Brisbanos. Boss Level Monster draw on influences as diverse as the Mars Volta, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Beck. 2010 has been a successful year for Boss Level Monster, playing a variety of shows. These range from support gigs for Los Angeles experimental rock band Health, Melbourne epic alt-rock band Me, and topical-punk act Last Dinosaurs whilst headlining intimate gigs around local Brisbane venues. Boss Level Monster is Jeremy Hunter (lead vocals and guitar) and Jack Gleeson (skins) from emerging indie folk ten-piece Inland Sea and Lucas Hopgood (Princess Rodeo) on lead guitar and Mathew Stein on bass. BLM will kick off 2011 with a handful of gigs around Brisbane, a recording session in early January and the debut single “Turtle Beach” launch in early February! “sounding more like the exports our southern states produce rather than anything from Queensland – think The Mess Hall or The Pictures. They’ve got a nonchalant-yet-fun vibe and a swag of catchy songs!” (