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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Foals, The Doors, Supertramp

band members

Brayden - Vocals/ Guitar | Sophie - Drums/ Percussion | Dan - Bass/ Vocals | Ollie - Lead Guitar/ Sax |


Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Brian Jonestown Masacre, , Dandy Warhols, Supertramp, Pink Floyd + more, Led Zeppelin, Tame Impala, Ye Flaming Lips


The band's sound has ripened with time, their roots now bare a coherent collection of various structures, rolling ballads, infectious riffs, roaring breakdowns, short, sweet and long, adventurous songs. Since 2009 they've been exploring their own sounds. Overall there's no genre-specific intention, nor any preconceived ideas, the four piece band's funky, infectious rock comes together through the art of jam. Recently retreating to the hinterland of peaceful Maleny Queensland to capture the jams for the second time round it will be an exciting time for the band as they release their debut album in 2013. For any show enquiries, general questions or reviews send an email to the band directly at - LATEST SINGLE RELEASE - 'Home' Here's what Moustache Magazine had to say about 'Home' "As one of Brisbane's hardest working bands, they've experimented and grown before our eyes, all the while keeping the same honesty and contagious energy they've held since their humble beginnings. Their title track, "Home" proves that Australia should give a fuck about Boss Moxi." Moustache Mag


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

23 Nov 2011

Triple J

That hazy swell ...

That hazy swell of guitar at the end of the track takes it further into awesome-dream territory.

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