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Rock, Pop

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Rock bands, Indie Pop bands, Music merchants

band members

Jimmy D - guitar, RC - Vocals, Pablo J - bass, Ange BabyYeah - drums


Kings of Leon, stray cats, slade

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It was simple really! Two Sydney brothers with a shared love of rock’n’roll thought it would be cool to start their own band, but what would they sound like? For influences all the classic rock bands were there, the Stones, AC/DC and Creedence along with contemporary sounds ranging from the Kings of Leon and The Raconteurs to the Black Crowes and the living end. Throw in their own natural swagger and boston shaker was born. Five years on Ryan (vocals) and Jimmy (guitar/vocals) along with bass player Pablo J and ex-Skulker drummer Ange Blackshaw are starting to make a considerable impact. Boston shaker have earned their stripes in true aussie fashion playing regularly in some of the country’s most popular live music haunts supported some of Australia’s best known bands, the likes of British India, Regurgitator, Dallas Crane, The Skybombers and Airbourne. Boston Shaker shows are always full of energy and their raw brand of rock has earned them lots of rave reviews: “BOSTON SHAKER NOT ONLY STOLE THE SHOW: THEY TOOK IT FOR A JOYRIDE, CRASHED IT INTO A DITCH AND TORCHED THE WRECK. BOSTON SHAKER ARE AN EXCELLENT GROUP………SOUNDING LIKE WHAT HAPPENS NINE MONTHS AFTER HARD ROCK AND INDIE POP CRAWL DRUNKENLY INTO BED TOGETHER, THE BAND HAD A CATCHY SOUND AND A STRONG STAGE PRESENCE” LIAM CASEY, DRUM MEDIA. Their live performances even won them a Drum Media band competition which scored them the opportunity to play at a well known regional music festival with some even bigger name acts. Their award winning single, Testify, recorded with aria award-winning producer/engineer Anton Hagop, has gained national airplay and the accompanying video has been seen on channel [v], video hits and rage. in addition two of their original songs were included in an independent American movie, Off the Ledge, including the film’s title track. They have also had their songs included on the Channel 9 tv show, Battlefronts. “TIGHT, ECONOMIC, PUMPING FISTS IN THE AIR ROCK’N’ROLL BRIMMING WITH ENERGY………WHAT THEY ARE REALLY DOING IS MARRYING THE EFFERVESCENT VIGOUR OF THE STRAY CATS AND THE POP VIM OF THE EASYBEATS………AND THEY ARE DOING IT WITH A REMARKABLE DEGREE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AND SELF-CONFIDENCE” MICHAEL SMITH, DRUM MEDIA. Boston Shaker will continue to develop their sound and live skills and have written new material for an upcoming release that is sure to give them even more opportunity to emerge as one of this country’s premier live rock acts.