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Sounds like

The Bowls Club Tribute Band, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Ohneatasweata,

band members

Chris Costello - keyboards, guitar, Conrad Taylor - Bass, Ben Carstens - Drums


Regurgitator, Gota Cola,



Welcome inside members and guests, please sign the visitor’s book, take off your coat and hat and enjoy the smooth sounds of the eclectic ensemble known as The Bowls Club. Propping up the bar is club president Mr Chris Costello, enjoying a wee flutter over in the pokie lounge you’ll find treasurer Mr Conrad Taylor and out in the garden bistro sits our curator Mr Ben Carstens, feasting on a rib-eye. So whether your tastes are sun-dried or deep fried, bottled or off-tap, horses or dogs, you can be assured The Bowls Club has something for you. Old friends Costello (piano/guitar/vocals) and Taylor (bass) combined to form the core of the group earlier this century. Feeling like a pair of naked, innocent boys who had stumbled onto something exciting yet incomplete and unknown, they embarked upon a quest to locate the missing piece - a timekeeper - which they eventually found in another old friend, Carstens, who had to be extradited from the UK where he had been serving time and English breakfasts. The completed outfit then set about exploring that fine tradition where folk sits down beside country; where jazz climbs into bed with rock, and where comedy quietly slips it into tragedy when she's turned the other way. The resultant emissions were hungrily gobbled by peers and critics alike and by 2005, the band had become late night favourites and stalwarts of the Fortitude Valley scene. Not that they felt like part of any particular scene. "We're just too unfit to fit in," . The new album Rational Animal is available at all leading entertainment outlets.