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Sounds like

Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Them Crooked Vultures

band members

Brad - vox, guitar. Otto - bass, backing vox. Q - drums.


Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Mute Math, Muse, Tool



BoWsER Bio
If you like your music loud, dynamic and inventive then the meaty tones of boWsER
will scratch your itchy soul. A tight, prolific unit

their crunchy, volcanic, riff-driven
rock has been continually evolving since their inception. In 2019, the band emerged
from a deeply creative hiatus with ‘People in the TV’, the first single from their long
awaited sophomore release, ‘Whispers From The Wickerman’. The second release
‘Supersonic’ drops on 4th December 2020.
boWsER churn out rock music the way it’s meant to be. It has an apocalyptic
intelligence, hitting as hard as city concrete and drawing comparisons to such
Goliath’s as QOTSA and Them Crooked Vultures along the way. Their songs are not
easily forgotten, colliding unapologetically with any ears fortunate enough to receive
Rewind several years and the talents of Nathan Williams, Otto Mitter Jr and Brad
Weynton first come together as boWsER. The connection was instant. Here were three
artists with the ability to pull each other in new directions, to make music that was
ingenious and original. It has since been a continual musical evolution of these firm
friends who grew up playing music together under the Gold Coast sun.
Their trajectory has been intriguing. After signing a worldwide publishing deal with
EMI they went on to release their debut mini-album 'Modus Operandi’. Greeted with
rave reviews, Drum Media declared: “These kids have the chops. Two years and they’ll
be spitting fire. Six songs so full of ideas all over in barely over 15 minutes just aren’t
enough.” Hand selected by Triple J Unearthed to support Eagles of Death Metal on
their Australian tour, they were also finalists in both the Rock Category and The
Courier-Mail People’s Choice Award at the Q Song Awards.
Brilliant and promising in their early years as fresh faced young artists, their music
has continued to gestate behind the scenes to create work of exceptional quality. More
than a decade after their previous release; ‘Whispers From The Wickerman’ will be
unveiled in 2021. This collection of gritty crunch rock produced by acclaimed UK/
Australian producer Steve James, will affirm the welcome return of boWsER.
‘Hits with a punch. In a good way.’
Richard Kingsmill

Good lord, what a walloping this tune serves up! Played with tight precision but still
leaves you plenty of room to bounce off the riff action; go on play it again boWsER!’
Caz Tran




Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Kingsmill

18 Feb 2007

Triple J

Hits with a punch. In a good way.

Hits with a punch. In a good way.