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Rock, Pop

band members

Barry Falkner - Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals Micheal Oxley - Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Vocals


The Doors, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa


Barry Falkner and Micheal Oxley have very different musical styles and taste. Together as the BoX Factory they have a rhythmic and refreshing style and write quality songs across a number of popular genres. Barry started playing keyboards at the age of five. At age 13 Barry borrowed his mother’s purse and purchased an electric guitar to join a working band “The Statics” as a bass player. From this early age Barry played live gigs 2 or 3 nights per week for more than 25 years, mainly around Sydney and country NSW. Barry was a founding member of “Frog Hollow”, one of Sydney’s most popular live bands during the late 60’s and early 70’s and wrote a number of songs for “Over Under Sideways Down” and “Naturally Free”, both popular internationally released surfing movies. From 1975-77 Barry was Marketing Manager of Wizard Records and worked with many artists including Marcia Hines, Hush, Doug Parkinson, Party Boys and Benjamin Hugg who later joined Barry’s band “Terra Firma” as lead singer. From 1977-79 Barry designed and built a small recording studio and worked with developing artists and songwriters including Cold Chisel, Ray Burton (I am Woman - Helen Reddy), Delaney & Venn. At the same time he took up studies with Russian concert pianist Chinarov. In 1979 Barry took on the position of Art Director of CBS Records (Sony Music) where he worked for more than a decade and designed for many local and international artists. At the same time Barry continued to play as a musician and work as a freelance producer. Although always writing songs, it was not until Barry met Micheal Oxley on a golf course in 2000 that a live duo “The BoX Factory” came into being. Barry and Micheal bounced off each other well right from the start and this union ignited a switch in Barry which saw him become a prolific songwriter. Barry continues to produce quality songs on a regular basis and has received many international awards and recognition for his efforts. Micheal has skipped on the periphery of the music industry for most of his life and playing with many accomplished musicians, a devotion to the writing and recording of original music enveloped him. This coincided with a fateful meeting with Barry Falkner, which resulted in the genesis of The BoX Factory. The results have been a vast library of quality original songs covering a wide range of styles, composed and played by a varied collective of experienced and gifted musicians. With a desire to capture the many magical happenings in the BoX, he threw himself into the recording process, spending countless hours honing his craft as a musician, engineer, arranger and producer. Whilst bass guitar is his preferred musical instrument, he is equally at home on guitar. Musically, he relishes exploring different stylistic tangents and forms of musical expression, with leaning towards rock music. He is lyrically provocative with a mischievously quirky bent.