Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Daniel Merriweather, Crowded House, Big Scary

band members

Hugh Middleton & Tim Ischia


The Roots, Phillip Glass



Teaming up with two of Australia’s best hip-hop minds, Producer One Above (Hilltop Hoods, Chance Waters, Mantra) and Mix engineer DJ Reflux (Illy, Funkoars), Boyeur have constructed a recording dense with musical intricacies.

Their style fuses pop music, hip-hop beats and neo-classical chamber music—distinct genres and cultures they find equally meaningful.

“We’ve grown up in Australia, listening to music on the Internet, produced by American street culture. It’s become an invisible part of us; absorbed into everything we do.”

“We were sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon in 2010, after driving along route 66 in a Chevy, and we talked about starting a project that would communicate these hidden parts of ourselves.”

“Arriving back in Melbourne, we created a blog—experimenting and tinkering with different combinations of styles through words, images and song ideas. It became a type of emotional voyeurism. It was very exposing. We began to record the beginnings of Gold Street around that time, and over the course of a year we had a record.”

The result is an intimate ride through multiple genres—a look into the lives of two boys from everywhere and nowhere. A fine mixture of the old and the new.