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Electronic, Rock

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Matt Meagher - Vocals + Guitar, Alex Dawson - Synths, Stephen Dobson - Drums


talking heads, Flying Lotus, Bjork

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The Phonies , idea idea


Coming out of the Sydney underground, Brackets is a 3-piece psychedelic synth band that mashes big beats, warped guitar and thick synth bass lines. Forming in 2008 at the This Is Not Art Festival, Brackets share a love of abstract sounds and dance. In late 2009 they teamed up with producer Richie Belkner (engineer for Triosk and Pivot) to record their debut EP, Topsy Swervy and have made a range of appearances including Peats Ridge Festival 09-10, High and Dry Festival 09, Newtown Festival 08 and played a diverse range of shows with contemporaries Seekae, Monk Fly, Unkle Ho, El Gusto and Ghoul.


Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

13 Jul 2011

Triple J

A little bit kra...

A little bit kraut, a little bit post-punk and a whole lotta awesome.

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05 Sep 2012


Damn this is add...

Damn this is addictive... the pulsating bassline pushes you out and grabs you by the shirt to pull you back in, over and over again. Very tasty groove and all the more interesting choice of vocal harmonies. The colourful chordal flourishes on the top is just the icing on the cake. Some astonishing sonic achievements right here.

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08 Aug 2011


Makes me feel li...

Makes me feel like I'm listening to the love child of David Byrne and Underworld. Love it. What else ya got?

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