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Rock, Punk

band members

Zec – Vocal acrobatics / Bec – Guitar and vocals / Jacqui – Bass and code and price check to register 1 please / Erica – Drums and witty banter

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If Kate Bush had married a chainsaw instead of a piano, the result would be BRACODE. The band is renowned for their effortless genre blending and theatrical live performances. BRACODE’s sound is best described as operatic, piss taking punk rock, with equal measures of cabaret and schlock horror completing the mix. Originally from Wollongong, BRACODE set up camp in the Inner West of Sydney five years ago, becoming one of the pioneering bands of ‘Scooter’ (part of an international movement to get more female representation in rock). They have since built a strong live following and scored some choice support spots with the likes of SLEATER KINNEY, THE DRESDEN DOLLS, Hawney Troof, The Haggard (all from USA) as well as The Belters (Japan). “BRACODE are blood and guts. The guitarist and bass player look like librarians turned psychotic, who have run amok with a cleaver after catching one too many spotty private school boys drawing penises in the margins of Encyclopaedia Britannica. I feel sickened and knocked around, quite stunned. They move from an aggressive hoedown to the bombastics of stadium rock fronted by Nina Hagen. BRACODE are distinguished by the singer’s exceptional vocals and energetic performance. She has one of those huge, captivating voices that can sound surprisingly like she is channelling the force of a maelstrom.” – The Brag (Issue Jan 10th 2005)