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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Beach Fossils, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala

band members

Briant, Amandip, PJ


The Smiths, The Beatles, The Strokes, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West

Unearthed artists we like

Kid Castello, Jack Bartlett, The Brungas



The most important meal of the day has found its soundtrack courtesy of this Sydney-based three-piece combo. From their home studio, Breakfast Road creates tunes of an alternative psychedelic indie nature. The boys have been making music since adolescence, and the now young-adults have evolved their sound into a compellingly refreshing end product. When they aren’t studying or working day-jobs, the band is satisfying their creative itch through continuous content creation. The fruits of these labours are shown in abundance by their catalogue.

Breakfast Road’s first stand-alone single ‘Free Fall’ (April 2019) is a moving introduction to the band’s atmospheric essence through its flowing guitars, sweeping harmonies, piercing melodic basslines and spacey drums. The track is sure to trance you into a journey of self-reflection, so much so that it has already made quite a stir. Most notably, it brought the boys to the domestic finals of ‘Vans Musicians Wanted’ in Melbourne on the backend of public voting, and has also been shortlisted in the top acts of the 2019 UniSounds competition via judicial acclaim.

But the boys haven’t stopped there, steering this momentum forward into a follow up EP ‘Cherry’ (August 2019). This release brings more groove to the table, beginning with the emotionally mellow opener ‘Stay/Leave’ before rising into the smooth dance tune of ‘Never the Truth’. The latter track will undoubtedly swoon you into singing along – and if you’re unsure of the words, there’s a karaoke-themed music video that will gladly provide assistance. The final track ‘Yet Again’ is a cool finale, with soothing instrumentation and an infectious hook.

Each track builds upon on the other to create a teasing statement on the direction of Breakfast Road’s next project - their first full length album that is currently in the works.

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Review by Claire Mooney Claire Mooney

21 Oct 2019

Triple J

I love the colourful texture this brings! It brightens the day.

I love the colourful texture this brings! It brightens the day.